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Long-Lining from BASE-Book - Matt Gerdes on Vimeo.


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So far this summer we have never jumped the same cliff twice... Much of this footage is from just-opened cliffs including the opening of Grand Rousse, 3500m (1850m flight). I just follow my friends around in the mountains; we hike, toss rocks, and sometimes we even get to jump. Special thanks to Roch and Seb, and to Super Top Secret.

XRW over San Diego AO Summer Boogie The SoCal Converge Story Flajflaj III
Curt Bartholomew Hard Rock Swoop Altair 2012 Canopy Piloting Competition Bodyflight Gang Bang - Skywalkers
Jeb Corliss Crash Perris Freefly Scrambles Elsinore Stealth Freefly Invitational Event Long-Lining

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